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The STEP capacity controller is ideal for replacing existing pneumatic controllers with a reliable, electronic solution. The system can be configured as a standalone controller or controlled by a supervisor system.

Capacity is controlled with the STEP controller by monitoring discharge pressure and activating or deactivating the compressor’s clearance pocket or cylinder unloaders. This is accomplished with the use of solenoids that are piped to the clearance pocket or cylinder unloaders.

The controller can be configured to control multiple steps depending on the requirements of the specified compressor. Examples include 3-STEP Control (0-50-100%) load steps and 5-STEP Control (0-25-50-75-100%) load steps. The STEP system also provides field adjustable setpoint, deadband and response time to tune the system to your specific application.

To minimize maintenance & maximize the life of the solenoids and the associated unloaders, the STEP system can be programmed to rotate based on time and the number of cycles. This allows a compressor that tends to activate the 75% and 100% unloaders more frequently than the 25% and 50% unloaders to swap roles, distributing the wear evenly.

FICS also produces solenoid enclosures containing tubed solenoids and their required electrical terminals. These panels are ideal for clients with existing capacity controllers that require replacement on the solenoid system.

STEP Capacity Control Operator Panel

Capacity Control Solenoid Enclosure

Capacity Control Solenoid Enclosure (Interior View)

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