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CO2 and the Neutralization of Alkaline Water (pH Control)

The use of CO2 for pH adjustment and control (neutralizing or lowering) is recognized as a cost effective alternative to acid. When making comarisons CO2 stands out far ahead of mineral acids such as sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

pH Neutralization Package (contact for quote)

  • Complete Solution: FICS offers the 100% Treatment System, a complete skid mounted package ready for almost immediate operation
  • 100% Treatment System: Our system is skid mounted and drop-in ready to handle your application needs. The skid includes pumps, piping, pH monitoring equipment, controller, injection apparatus, and by-pass piping to prevent the discharge of effluent with undesirable pH readings.
  • Injection: FICS's μProbe provides a solution for injecting CO2 in a manner that allows for proper absorption. This technology maximizes the efficiency of the CO2 usage.
  • Calibration: Services are available for startup of the system as well as validating your injection program.

Advantages of CO2 vs. mineral acids include:

  • Greater Control - as it reduces high pH levels quickly. it is then self-buffering as it reaches neutral pH levels. This self-buffering feature allows precise end-point control without the danger of overshooting into undesirable low pH levels.
  • Greater Safety - as CO2 is not stored as an acid solution. When using acids, safety requirements dictate that protective clothing, gloves, face shields, safety showers, etc. be utilized.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs - as CO2 requires less equipment and monitoring costs (i.e. CO2 storage vessels do not require containment walls and floors).
  • Greater Storage Capacity - convenient bulk systems make it possible to store up to twice as much neutralizing agent in the same amount of storage space with no increase in weight.
  • Reduced Labor Costs - CO2 requires no handling costs and can be utilized via a completely automated system.
  • Extended Equipment Life - as CO2 is non-corrosive to pipes and equipment.
  • Environmentally Safe - The addition of CO2 produces no secondary pollution to the treated and discharged effluent. Unlike sulfuric acid which adds sulfates, CO2 forms neutral carbonates and bicarbonates.
  • Control: For cost effective control, FICS offers a family of controllers to best fit your application needs. For simply pH Control applications with fixed pH levels and flow rates the low cost uniFlow controller is available. For dynamic pH levels and flow rates the accuFlow II provides tight control for these varying conditions
  • Reporting: Optional reporting is availabe with the accuFlow II models for submissions to your governing sewer authority, state regulator, internal compliance person, etc. Reporting of pH levels, CO2 usage, and effluent volumes are available via E-mail or memory card.
  • Commissioning: Services are available for startup of the system as well as validate your injection program
  • Parts & Service: FICS provides replacement parts, onsite support, and remote troubleshooting services.

Typical Applications

CO2 is used to treat effluents discharged to the environment for many industrail aplications such as:

  • Bottling Industries
  • Concrete Production
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Laundry Plants
  • Paper and Pulp Production
  • Sewer Treatment Plants
  • Water Filtration Plants
Waste Water Treatment Facility (max flow of 1000gpm)

With over 15 years of pH neutralization experience, FICS is ready to provide you with a ready to operate system which will eliminate your pH related discharge problems and neutralization media headaches.

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