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Dairy Product Shelf Life Extension via
CO2 Injection

Our affordable and successful process will substantially increase the shelf life of your dairy product without sacrificng the freshness, quality, and taste customers demand.

Injecting controlled amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into dairy products inhibits the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage. This process has been successful when used in the production of cottage cheese, milk, yogurts and ice cream products.

The injection of CO2 into cottage cheese has proven successful by many U.S. dairies. Our process injects CO2 into the cottage cheese's cream dressing prior to being mixed with the curds, or into the mixed product just prior to packaging. The amount of CO2 injected varies according to the individual product's weight and process, but typically ranges from 400 to 1,000ppm.

Every cottage cheese producer who has initiated our process is experiencing product shelf lives ranging from 40 to 60 days and are applying the sell dates accordingly.

Several U.S. dairies are utilizing our system to inject CO2 into raw concentrate (intended for cheese production) as it is being loaded onto transport trailers. The CO2 injected prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and reduces the level of enzyme activity, insuring that each delivery is as fresh as it was on the day of shipment.

With over 15 years of Dairy Injection experience, FICS is ready to provide you with all of the necessary information to plan, initiate and operate a successful, cost effective program to enhance your new or existing product and process. Contact us today for a quote!

Our CO2 Gas Injection Solutions

  • Complete Solution: FICS offers the accuFlow System, a complete CO2 injection package. the system includes the accuFlow Controller to regulate CO2 injection and the μProbe for proper dosing.
  • Injection: Fics has the solution for injecting CO2 in a manner that allows for proper absorption. This technology maximizes the efficiency of the CO2 usage.
  • Control: The accuFlow 1 Controller provides accurate metering of CO2 based on the actual flow rate of your product. The system offers a dynamic solution to changing parameters in your process
  • Calibration: To ensure peak performace of your system, FICS offers calibration services for the critical metering components.
  • Commissioning: Commissioning Services are available for startup of the system as well as validating your injection program.
  • Parts & Service: FICS provides replacement parts, onsite support, and remote troubleshooting services.
CO2 Injection Process

Did you know... milk from the cow contains approximately 200 to 400ppm of dissolved CO2? This content is quickly dissipated during modern processing.

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