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FICS’s Flex system breaks entire systems into modules based on functional divisions. These modules act as the building blocks, allowing innumerable panel configurations to be build without the need for extensively designing custom panels for each system built.

The modular design of FICS’s Flex system has many benefits including economy and ease of maintenance. The modular nature of the Flex system allows for the easy replacement of any module. In instances where the customer would like to replace a device in the panel, it is as simple as sliding the existing module out and sliding the replacement module in its place. Also, the modular design is ideal for expanding the capacity of a system. Adding additional devices to the system is as easy as sliding the new modules into the blank slots on the frame and connecting a tube.

Because designing a panel with the modular design requires less engineering time than custom designing a solid panel, the Flex system provides significant savings over custom built panels.

In cases when the standard modules offered by the Flex system do not completely fulfill a client’s requirements, custom modules can be designed and built. The economy of the standard modules used still make the Flex system an advantageous alternative to having an entire custom purge system built.

FICS’s Flex System is ideal for customers that are interested in integrating multiple systems into a single, convenient panel. A single Flex rack can include modules for purge, lubrication, monitoring, capacity control, operator interface, or electrical junction.

Typical uFlex Combined System Panel

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