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Proper Lubrication of your equipment will maximize efficiency and durability of that equipment, while minimizing wear of expensive parts. This will result in significant cost savings due to preventing down time and expensive repairs. FICS, an authorized GRACO distributor, offers a wide array of products and services to assist you in your lubrication needs.

We offer lubrication products, replacement parts, engineered systems and service.

Engineered Systems

FICS offers many alternative products that can meet the client's requirements excellently.

L-Flex lubrication systems are series progressive style lubricators that are specially designed for expandability and economy. With its modular nature, components can easily be replaced or installed.

Series progressive lubrication systems are operated by motor driven pumps—either a single pump, or multiple parallel pumps working in conjunction—that are set to output the total lubrication required by all lube points. This output is then run through divider valves that separate it into the proper ratios so that each lube point receives the proper, precisely calculated volume of lubrication.

Pump-To-Point lubrication systems are comprised of a lube reservoir in which multiple pumps are mounted. Each lube point on the compressor has a devoted pump adjusted to the proper output.

In addition to complete lubrication systems, FICS offers products to supplement the operation of existing lubrication systems.

The FICS designed lube monitor system works in conjunction with a divider valve proximity switch to identify if the divider block is functioning and if the lubricator is producing the proper amount of lubrication for the compressor. It is an economical alternative to other DCM units on the market and offers more customization options than are available on most models available through other manufacturers.

Lube reservoirs provide lubrication systems with a supply of lube to minimize the regularity that the lubricator requires filling. Many options are available including heaters, level gauges, level transmitters, level controllers, and level switches.


As an authorized Graco distributor, FICS offers quality components with competitive pricing and valuable design knowledge.

On-Road Lubrication

Off-Road Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication

Compressor Lubrication

Series Progressive Lubrication

Single Line Parallel Lubrication

Air/Oil Lubrication

Single Point Lubrication

FICS can also provide components from numerous other manufacturers including Premier, Gerhardt, Lincoln, and others.


Well Services

Grease Jockey

Emergency Equipment

Trailer Lubrication Systems


FICS offers commissioned installation services to ensure that your lubrication system is properly established.

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