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L-Flex lubrication panels are part of the Flex product line. The L-Flex system is a modularized version of a series progressive lubricator panel. The modular design has many benefits over a custom designed panel including economy and ease of maintenance.

The L-Flex lubrication system is designed to be modular, isolating each functional division of the lube system. This allows for the easy replacement of any module. In instances where the customer would like to replace a device in the panel, it is as simple as sliding the existing module out and sliding the replacement module in its place.

Because designing a panel with the modular design requires less engineering time than custom designing a solid panel, the L-Flex lubrication system provides significant savings over custom built panels.

In cases when the standard modules offered by the L-Flex system do not completely fulfill a client’s requirements, custom modules can be designed and built. The economy of the standard modules used still make the P-Flex an advantageous alternative to having an entire custom purge system built.

L-Flex Modular Lubricator System

L-Flex System with Enclosure and Stand Options

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