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Pump-To-Point (PTP) lubricators provide lubricant to the compressor’s lube points through devoted pumps. Each lube point has its own pump with each pump being mounted into a common reservoir. PTP lubricators are economical and easily maintained as each pump can be removed and replaced individually as necessary.

PTP lubricators are built with equipment by many manufacturers including Graco, Premier, and Lincoln. They are installed over a drip-pan panel that is constructed of 316 stainless steel or painted carbon steel according to the client’s desires. Many additional options are available:

  • Immersion heaters
  • Level Controllers
  • Level Switches
  • Level Alarms

Any other devices or option you require can also be integrated into the system upon request.

Pump-To-Point Lubricator Panel

Individual Pumps are Replacable with Ease

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