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It is crucial that compressors receive constant lubrication to prevent potentially disastrous mechanical wear. High capacity lube reservoirs installed in conjunction with lubrication systems is an ideal means to ensure that there is enough lube to provide the compressor and limit the frequency with which facility personnel must manually provide the lubrication system with additional lubricant.

All reservoirs are equipped with visual level gauges, breather vents, drain connections, as well as standpipe outlets to prevent heavy sediment in the lube from entering the lube supply lines. Additionally, reservoirs can be equipped with any device the client may require. Common reservoir-installed devices include immersion heaters, level transmitters, level switches, automatic level controllers, and auxiliary connections.

Reservoirs can be built to any desired capacity depending upon the client’s requirements. FICS has built reservoirs as small as 5 gallons and as large as 80 gallons. Reservoirs can also be built for various mounting configurations for wall mounting, stand mounting, or foot mounting.

Wall-Mounting Reservoir

Foot-Mounted Large Capacity Reservoir

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