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Series progressive lubrication systems are the most common and customizable lubricator option. These lubricators are operated by motor driven pumps—either a single pump, or multiple parallel pumps working in conjunction—that are set to output the total lubrication required by all lube points. This output is then run through divider valves that separate it into the proper ratios so that each lube point receives the proper, precisely calculated volume of lubrication. The precision of this variety lubricator is unmatched.

Common options integrated into series progressive lubricator panels include supply pressure regulation, lube reservoirs, filtration, output pressure gauges, output pressure transmitters, divider block proximity switch and monitor, among many others.

FICS offers lubricators designed with pumps and divider blocks manufactured by industry leaders Graco, Progressive, and Lincoln.

Series Progressive Lubricator Panel

A Typical Divider Block Assembly

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