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Reciprocating compressors are often exposed to hazardous gasses that can escape into the atmosphere or pose the risk of ignition if allowed to infiltrate high temperature components within the compressor. FICS offers a full line of purge systems (also referred to as fugitive emission purge systems) to aid in the reduction of these harmful emissions. Purge systems work by supplying a slightly pressurized inert gas to prevent any seepage of more harmful gasses.

In instances where the disposal or recovery pressure remains unchanging, purge pressure is maintained through constant pressure regulators. In instances where the disposal or recovery pressure fluctuates variable pressure regulators are used, maintaining a purge pressure that is consistently over the disposal / recovery pressure.

Purge panels are built to API-618 specifications or built with economy in mind for instances installed in less hazardous areas.

P-Flex purge panels are constructed with a modular design and will customers with most configurations that they will require.

Custom purge systems are available for customers with special requirements that are not fulfilled by the P-Flex panel system.

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