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FICS Incorporated provides fabrication and assembly services. Our manufacturing staff prides itself on producing quality products that exemplifies excellent workmanship.

FICS has a wide range of capabilities with its 4000 square foot (and growing) facility. Control panels, motor control centers, junction boxes, instrument panels, panel boards, packaging equipment, production line assemblies all can be built and assembled in our facility.

Our staff applies excellent and elegant practices for tubing and wiring. Tubing can be installed to the client’s material and size specifications—both standard and metric. FICS also has knowledgeable wiring personnel that have experience in conforming to wiring specifications detailed by numerous codes and standards.

To best meet the client’s needs, FICS has capabilities to build custom enclosures with staff professionally trained in both linear welding and orbital welding. Enclosures can be built to the client’s precise needs, big or small. Housings and brackets can also be fabricated of any material—from Lexan to painted carbon steel or stainless steel.

Though specializing in building equipment designed by the engineering staff, FICS also excels at build-to-print projects in cases where the client has pre-existing project drawing packages.

Lubricator Panel Being Assembled

Divider Blocks Being Assembled

Electrical Panel Being Wired

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