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FICS provides software development services for plant floor level applications utilizing PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems. With our over 30 years of software development experience, we can develop application programs for machine, motion, and process control applications.

FICS specializes in many software development suites including:

  • Allen-Bradley RSLogix5000
  • A-B RSLogix500
  • A-B RSLogix5
  • A-B RS View
  • A-B RS View Studio
  • GE CIMplicity Machine Edition
  • GE Logic Developer State
  • GE Logic Developer PLC
  • GE Logic Developer PC
  • GE View
  • GE Motion

Additionally, we can develop programming with devices communicating across many industry standards:

  • DH Plus
  • DH-485
  • Remote I/O
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherNet IP
  • Modbus
  • Genius I/O

Whatever application you need, FICS has the experience to provide you with excellent solutions.

Operator Interface Screen

Operator Interface Screen

Operator Interface Screen

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